Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Posted by ADAM JOHNSON on 8/17/2015 2:00:00 PM

Hello Everyone!
We are only about a day away from kicking off another school year and I can't wait! This year is going to bring some exciting new opportunities, one of which is the birth of the "Flipped Kit." The equipment is ordered, and we have laid a lot of the groundwork. Now, all I need are students!
First, a little about the "Flipped Kit." The short explanation is that students will be able to provide evidence of their learning process in an entirely new way. Students will record themselves talking/thinking about their problem solving process. Students will also create a screencast as they practice learning new material. Once this digital learning artifact has been created, students will share it with me (the teacher) so that I am able to provide personalized feedback, not only on their final answer, but on their entire thought process. Eventually, students will be able to share and interact with other students' digital learning artifacts. I cannot wait to see how this impacts the learning!
In other news... this summer Jonathan Bergmann (one of the pioneers of Flipped Learning) published his newest book, Flipped Learning for Math. I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know Jon over the last few years and have formed a bit of a friendship as he has mentored me some in my Flipped journey. Jon shared some of our conversations, as well as some of my process/approach, about how I use the Flipped Learning Methodology in his book. I could not believe my eyes when I read the first chapter and there I was! Talk about humbling! 
I plan to share with Jon some of the ways the Flipped Kit is used and how it impacts the learning in class this year.
Please check back often as I plan to update this blog regularly.
At some point I will try to come up with a clever way to close each blog post. For now I will stick with my favorite way to close an email...
All the best!
Mr. Johnson