I haven't failed 10,000 times...

Posted by ADAM JOHNSON on 2/16/2016 8:00:00 AM

I haven’t failed 10,000 times, I’ve just found 10,000 ways it doesn’t work.


I finally had a breakthrough success moment! Microsoft has updated OneNote and made some significant improvements to OneNote Classroom. OneNote Classroom allows me to create assignments, “hand-out” assignments, students can complete and submit their assignments, all in one virtual space. Having one space where all of this can take place limits the number and variety of software the students must be familiar with. This has seriously streamlined the process of “flipping” assessment.

Once I was able to get the students acquainted with their OneNote Classroom Notebook we were finally ready to begin using the Intuos tablets to record their problem solving processes. This is where we hit our newest hiccup. While the Intuos tablet does a great job of making screen writing look/feel as close to actually writing on paper as possible, it is still very difficult for students to acclimate to looking at a screen while writing. Their handwriting does not look as sloppy as their screenwriting to say the very least. This has been frustrating for many students as they have to slow down to write which causes them to lose their train of thought.

The next hurdle that has recently presented itself is installing Office Mix. Office 365 wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated if I’m being honest. The network did cause a few problems but, with a little patience and perseverance, it seems as though most families were able to install it at home. Office Mix is another story… long story short, it works on some computers and not others, sometimes it uploads the final product quickly while other times it never loads at all.

At this point we are still working out some of the bugs and trying some new strategies. I think my biggest success as of now is that I am way under budget.

Until next time,

Mr. Johnson