MBS iPad Common Language

iPad Name-Settings/About/Name—be sure your iPad has your last name in it, for example: Smith iPad.

Network Username and Password-the username and password you use each day to log in to your computer.

Apple iTunes Username and Password-the account you need each time you download/install and app. You have been given a generic iTunes school account username and password in order to download/install apps. You will have to use this generic account to download school purchased apps. You may have also set up a school teacher account when you got your iPad. The username is your school email. You need to keep a record of this username and password and know it well.  It does not change automatically when you change your network password. You are the only person who has record of this password.

Microsoft Exchange (email) Username and Password-the same as your network username and password. It automatically changes when you change your network password. You need this to access web email and to activate your email on a mobile device like an iPad.

Airwatch-the way we are managing the school iPads. All school iPads will have to be registered. This is how we will manage apps.

App Catalog-an app on your iPad (after you register with Airwatch, this is downloaded to your iPad) where you can go to install recommended and school-purchased apps.

iPad Settings-the icon on your iPad where you go often for general iPad settings you can change, and settings for different apps, also where you find restrictions.

iPad Restrictions-in settings/general. For teacher or classroom iPads, you set up a code to manage restrictions. You will need to know the 4 digit code in order to enable/disable restrictions.  Elementary student iPads will have restrictions set up through Airwatch, but the teacher can set additional restrictions. The teacher should always set a restrictions code so that a student will not be able to.

VGA Adapter (dongle)-the adapter you can plug in to your iPad and the VGA cable going to your projector, that allows you to view your iPad on your projector.

Passcode Lock-4 digit code that you can add to your iPad that someone would have to type in in order to use your iPad after it is dormant for a set amount of time. This is found in settings/general.

Command Center-gives you quick access to common settings and apps on your iPad. Swipe up from the bottom. This is where you will access Airplay in order to connect to Apple TV.
Apple TV-(available in some rooms at our schools) allows you to connect your iPad to a projector wirelessly. The Apple TV and the iPad have to be set up on the same wireless in order for your Device to see the Apple TV.