Register a Staff iPad with Airwatch

1.  Make sure you don’t have any restrictions set about downloading apps.

2.  Make sure you have your Apple iID and can successfully download a free app.

3.  Download the app: Airwatch mdm agent.

4.  Launch the Airwatch app and enter and sign in. Follow the on screen prompts.

5.  If it asks to use your current location? OK.

6.  If it asks do you want to enroll? Yes.

7.  Your Group ID for your staff Airwatch group--you will obtain this information from your local school technology coordinator.

8.  Your network Username and  Password--how you log in to the computer each day

9.  You will be prompted to Install more than once, and if you have a passcode, may be prompted to enter that as well.

10. You will be prompted to click Done.