Register a Student iPad with Airwatch

Elementary Student/Class iPads are Configured using the Apple Conigurator before they are given to you.
They may also be registered to Airwatch for you. If not and you need to register a student iPad to Airwatch: 
1.       Teacher: Go to Settings and Name your iPad School-room number-1. Name the next one School-room-2, etc.

2.       Click on the Airwatch app to register using the QR Code provided to you or the Server and Group ID for your grade/group.(QR Code or Server and Group ID can be obtained from your local school technology coordinator.)

a.      Current Loction? OK

b.      Press the QR code in lower left corner of ipad screen. (This QR code has the server and group code for your grade embedded.)

c.       Scan the QR code for your grade level that your coordinator has given you.

d.      You will be asked for the generic student username and password. Press Done.

e.      Press Install/Install Now/Install.

f.       You will see a SUCCESS screen. WAIT to be prompted for APPLE ID Password.

g.      You will be back on the SUCCESS screen. Press Continue.

h.      You will see “Loading”

i.        Airwatch would like to send you Push. . . /OK.

j.        You will see the My Device Screen with enrolled and connectivity checked.

k.       If apps have been set in Airwatch to automatically load for your group/grade, the apps will all silently install. (Later, teachers may delete those they do not want.)

3.       Teacher: set a restriction code. WHY?

a.       So a student will not and then the teacher not have the code. DO NOT ever share this with a student.
b.      In lower grades teachers may want to disable Safari or set other additional restrictions.  This can be done in the restriction area with the code. Settings/General/Restrictions—type the code. Turn off safari. Turn it back on the same way.