App Catalog

How to Go to the App Catalog and Download a School Purchased App that has been assigned to you through Airwatch (and free apps that have been pushed to your group):

School Purchased Apps through Airwatch:

First, ***Important*** Go to the App Store and make sure you are signed in to the App Store as your Generic School Apple ID that your coordinator has given you for downloading school purchased apps.

Find the App Catalog icon on your iPad (NOT the app store). When you press it, it will open to an Airwatch screen with a Login on left. On a teacher iPad, log in with your network username and password (the way you log in to computer every day). On a student ipad, you will need to log in to the App Catalog as your grade level's generic student network username and password provided to you by your coordinator.)

When you get logged in to your App Catalog, you will see 5 menu items across the top of your iPad: internal, public, categories, purchased, updates.

Choose Purchased. You will see school purchased apps assigned to you through Airwatch. Install next to each one, and they install to your iPad. You will be prompted for your Apple ID and password. You will make sure you are using the Generic School Apple ID you’ve been given by your coordinator. It is the password you need every time you install or update a purchased app.

Free Apps through Airwatch:

To download a free app through Airwatch, select Public. You will see all of the free apps that we have placed in the App Catalog for you to download. If you do NOT have any of these apps on your iPad, you can click to install them from this catalog. If you look on your iPad, and you do not have one or more of these, when you click to install, you will be asked for your apple ID iTunes password. You can use the generic school Apple ID to download free apps from App Catalog as well. IF you use a teacher school Apple ID that you set up, you will need that Apple ID to do any updates.