Using iPad VGA Adapter (Dongle)

You can purchase a VGA adapter to display your iPad to the projector.
There are several ways you can use your VGA Adapter.
One way to set up your adapter to your projector is as follows:
1. Take out the cord plugged into the middle slot of the document camera. (If you have a Promethean Board, your VGA cable will be plugged in to a splitter box. Simply trace the VGA cable from the projector wall plate to see which cable to unplug and plug in to your Adapter.) 
2. Plug it into the iPad Adapter. 
3. Plug in the other end of the adapter to the iPad.
Some of our classrooms have splitter boxes, and the teacher simply turns the dial from A to B (making sure the iPad is plugged in to cable B with the adapter) and projects. The splitter box prevents the teacher from having to unplug anything and makes it easier to display the iPad.