Using Apple TV

1.       Turn on your iPad or iPhone and connect it to the MBENetwork.

2.       Turn on your projector and wake or turn on your Apple TV using the Apple TV remote.

3.       Be sure to move your switch box to the appropriate letter to display Apple TV.

4.       On your iPad, access the multitasking bar or command center by swiping from the bottom up on the iPad. This will bring up a strip that includes controls for your iPad’s volume, brightness, and AirPlay.

5.       Tap the AirPlay icon. This will display a list of AirPlay-enabled devices connected to your network including your Apple TV.

6.       Choose AppleTV from the list. If you have multiple Apple TVs on your network, select the one to which you would like to mirror your iPad’s display.

7.       Enter the password (if any) for the Apple TV.

8.       Slide the “Mirroring” switch to the “On” position.

9.       Your iPad is now mirrored to your Apple TV.