Overview of Apple Volume Purchasing

Apple Purchases Devices and Vouchers

  1. Quotes are provided by the Mountain Brook technology department.  A request for Quote is made by completing the Request Form and emailing said form to the Mountain Brook Schools Authorized Apple Purchaser (Donna Williamson) or to one of the Apple Facilitators (Local School Tech Coordinators.)
  2. The Authorized Apple Purchaser/Facilitator returns the Request Form to the requester.  The form  provides all of the necessary information for procuring a purchase order to Apple. 
  3. A copy of the Purchase Order is forwarded to the Authorized Apple Purchaser/Facilitator to complete the order of any iPads, iTouches, iMacs, App Vouchers, and/or any other Apple products.
  4. Upon receipt of the device, a member of the technology team will inventory the device and configure.

App Vouchers Specifically

  1. Vouchers are purchased in any amount.
  2. When a voucher is redeemed by a school facilitator, the account has a credit. 
  3. The Facilitator purchases requested App(s).
  4. The Facilitator downloads the app using the appropriate iPad account.
  5. The User then logs into his/her iPad using the appropriate iPad account.  When he/she logs in with the account, he/she searches the App store to purchase the app.
  6. Since the App has already been purchased by the Facilitator (technology coordinator) using the specific iPad account, when the user tries to purchase the App, he/she gets a message that the app has already paid for.
  7. The User continues and downloads the App to his/her iPad.
  • As part of the Volume Purchasing Program, MBS has one authorized purchaser--the District Technology Director, Donna Williamson.
  • Each school has one program facilitator--the local school technology coordinator.
  • A program facilitator fills out a requisition listing the apps or departments for which the apps are being purchased on the requisition. From the requisition, a purchase order is generated for Volume Vouchers. Volume Vouchers can be purchased on behalf of the school at the Apple Store for Education in denominations of $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000 by using the above mentioned purchase order or with a school credit card. Purchase Orders are preferred in order to provide a paper trail.
  • The facilitator sends a copy of the purchase order and any back-up information to the authorized purchaser.
  • The authorized purchaser (Technology Director) purchases vouchers for the school program facilitator (Local School Technology Coordinator). Volume Vouchers are received in the mail within 3 to 5 business days by the authorized purchaser.
  • The program facilitator receives the voucher from the authorized purchaser then logs in to the Apple in Education Apps Store (www.appl.com\education\apps) and uses the code to redeem the voucher using the unique program facilitator email alias.
  • The program facilitator distributes a code to staff to download the requested app(s) for purchases the app so that when the staff member logs in, they can download the already purchased app. Each staff member who downloads an app will use a school-generated iTunes account so that the app remains the property of the school.