Copy Pictures/Video from iPad or iPhone to the Computer

If you want to move pictures and/or movies from your iPad or iPhone to your computer:

  1. Do not open iTunes. Plug in your iPad to your computer via the USB cable. (If itunes give you any message such as updating software or anything, choose cancel and close—as a precaution to to iTunes BEFORE plugging in the iPad and go to preferences and tell itunes to Prevent any device from syncing automatically.)
  2. You will probably see a notification that drivers are being installed in the lower right of your computer. If a windows dialogue box appears after device drivers are loaded asking what you want to do. Chose open device to view files.
  3. Or choose Start/Computer, and you will see your device. Double click the device.
  4. Double click internal storage and then the DCIM folder.
  5. Select the pictures and/or movies that you want and copy them and then paste them to your computer or external drive.