Movies, Pictures & CD Music to iPad

Importing the movies into iTunes

1. Open iTunes. Select Movies under Library in upper left of screen.

2. Start/My Computer, browse to where you saved your movies. Drag the movies to the iTunes Movie window.
3. iTunes will now copy these files into your iTunes library. Once it is finished copying, go to Movies and right-click on the movie and choose Get Info.
4. You can now add information about the movie.
5. Once you are finished, just be sure your iPad is set to sync movies in iTunes, plug in your iPad and sync.

How to get pictures from another camera on your ipad:

1.      Move pics from camera or other drive to a specific folder on your computer.

2.      Open iTunes, plug in your iPad, click on your iPad and then click the Pictures tab. Choose the folder where you put your pictures for the folder from which iTunes will sync pics.

3.      Click the sync button, and the pics will sync to your ipad.

How to get music from a CD on your iPad:

1.      Open iTunes. Put in a music CD.

2.      It will ask if you want to copy to iTunes. Click Yes.

3.      Plug in your iPad, click on your iPad and then click on the Music tab. Click for it to sync your music files.

4.      Click sync, and your music will sync to you iPad.