Updating the IOS

Periodically check and run the IOS updates on your teacher and student ipads.

1.  Plug in to power.

2.  Log in to your school's wireless network. (teacher ipad-as your network login; student ipad-as a student network login)

3.  Settings/General/Software Update-Click to start the update. (If it tells you there is not enough space, clean out your photo gallery and even temporarily delete large apps to clear space.)

4.  Let the update run a while. When it comes back up to a Welcome, Setup, or Home screen, the update is complete.

5.  Often after some of the updates you will have to re answer some of the setup questions like:

  • Enabling location services
  • Not using iCloud
  • Logging in to the wireless
  • Logging in to your apple account (teacher ipad—as your teacher apple ID/password; student ipad—as your generic school student apple ID/password).
  • Setting a passcode or choose Later
  • Choosing later on the touchpad setup (on the newer ipad air minis)