Basics - Getting Started

With PowerPoint Online you create presentations right in your internet browser. They live in your OneDrive space, and you can edit and share them online without any other software or installations. 

Most of us have used Microsoft PowerPoint for several years. We now have Office 2013 on our desktop and laptop computers and one of our new tools is Office 365 - Microsoft in the Cloud. We are going to get you started .....and link to other resources.....but much of this is transferring the knowledge you already have.

TASK: Start an Office 365 PowerPoint and learn how to get started, insert text, graphics etc. 


Getting Started and Selecting a Theme:

  • Access Office 365 and Select New PowerPoint Presentation
  • Select a Theme for your presentation. If you want to change your mind simply click Theme.
  • Enter a Title and Subtitle if you would like

Naming Your Presentation

As you are working on your presentation, as with all Office 365 products, one the top of your work space you will see the software package you are currently using, user name, name of document/presentation, and sharing button.
  • Click on the name of the document/presentation area and type your file name.

Review HOME tabs and other tabs 

  • Select Layout for your next slide.
  • Review the other tabs and ribbons
  • Locate Insert tab to insert image from your files or let BING locate an image for you.
  • Use handles to change image size or move image.
  • Insert text, change text color, move it around


  • Change Layout of slide 
  • Insert textbox (INSERT tab) and change font size and color (HOME tab)
  • Add an image (INSERT tab) and add a border or change the shape
Image  Tools
Image slide Example