1st Nine Weeks Science Facilitator Progress

Posted by AMY ANDERSON on 9/27/2017

Work Completed by Both Science Facilitators

· Created shared documents with easy to read ALCOS and MB Science Standards for ALL grades (K-6)

  • DOK Level for each standard
  • Differences in language/rigor
  • Correlated with STEMscopes Units
  • Correlated with PLTW Units
  • Additional resources that can be used to teach each standard

· Created a collaborative document for Scope & Sequence for ALL grades (K-6)


  • Ordered and delivered new PLTW materials purchased with grant funds
  • Saved all PLTW materials from Canvas (PLTW moved to a different LMS this year)

· Created (from Scratch) and easy to follow small group rotation schedule that incorporates STEAM centers as well as grouping students according to pre-assessment data


K-3 Science Facilitator

· Integrated Growth Mindset lessons into primary-level PLTW unit that teaches the engineering design process

  • Modeled lesson in 1st Grade: Haley, Black

· Developed initial Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Lessons for 2nd and 3rd and modeled lessons: Mitchell, Carter,

· Developed structure for Science Journal for Units 1 and 2 in STEMscopes (3rd Grade)

· Developed Lessons to Teach Design Process (How to Design a Robot)


4-6 Science Facilitator

· Facilitated 5th and 6th Science PLC Meeting

· Developed standards based gradebook for 4th Grade Math

· Developed standards based gradebook for 4th Grade Science (according to Science Practice Standards)

· Leads 4th Grade Math/Science PLC to separate items by standard on all assessments in Math and Science in order to give a standards based grade (4, 3, 2, 1) on each area assessed.

· Co-teaching PLTW Unit on the Human Brain daily in McKerley/O’Neill

· Built VEX IQ Robot and participating in continuous learning on coding VEX robots in preparation for 5th PLTW unit.

· Attend Wednesday and Thursday Robotics Team Meetings every week at the Jr. High

· Developed a more structures science journal that follows the procedures and activities in PLTW Modules: Human Brain and Input/Output Computer Systems

· Organized Solar Eclipse Viewing and resources school-wide