Tech Tips - Summer # 2

Posted by Sharon Mumm on 6/20/2019

All existing desktops at BWF have been imaged (admins & Office are on hold). Computers that are being replaced have been “killed” and are out of classrooms.  This is just a reminder to (as always after imaging) do the following on your desktop when you get back to school:

  1. Set up your Outlook email by:
    • Clicking your Start Menu to make your *TILES
    • Clicking on the Outlook 2016 tile.
    • Clicking Next, Next, Next. Finish.

  2. Show your bookmarks bar & sign in to Google Chrome by:
    • Launching the Google Chrome web browser.
    • Clicking your Google Chrome Menu in upper right corner.
    • Clicking bookmarks/show bookmarks bar.
    • On the bookmarks bar, clicking the Apps icon on the far left.
    • In the upper right corner, where it says “Not signed in to Chrome”, sign in using your MBS Google Account. ( and your Network Password)

  3. Set your Default Printer by:
    • Searching for Control Panel & choosing View by: Large icons.
    • Choosing Devices and Printers & scrolling down to Printers.
    • Right clicking your printer and selecting “set as default printer.”
      Make sure you set up your Copiers with your copier number as secure print. Click here for instructions. 
  • Sign in to Classlink & make sure your Google & Microsoft 365 Accounts are connected to your Classlink by:
    • Clicking My Files at the bottom of the Classlink screen
    • Clicking Manage Services & clicking Connect.

  • Find your files by:
    • Right clicking the Start Menu and choosing File Explorer.
    • Click This PC, then scroll down to find your G drive (and other drives).

  • Pin Applications you use frequently to your taskbar by:
    • Searching, in the Start Menu, for the application you want to pin.
    • Right click the application and choose “Pin to taskbar”.
      • Hint: pin the snipping tool—(love the snipping tool).
      • Hint: don’t pin too many applications, or you won’t be able to see them all—just pin a few (word, excel, ppt, outlook are all on the *quick tiles for easy access.
  1. Remember local programs like Mirror 360 were removed during imaging. Get those programs back by:
    • Re-installing. Directions linked above.
    • Remember Mirror 360 is only if you signed up in 2018 school year to have it purchased for you--if so, you received a reminder email from Mumm with your license code today.

  2. Set up your desktop that is connected to your projector to either duplicate or extend by:
    • Clicking the notifications icon on the far right of the taskbar & choosing Project (if you don’t see project, click expand).
    • Choosing duplicate or extend. (Remember duplicate shows on your projector exactly what is on your desktop; extend treats your projector as your second display, & you have to drag over to the projector display what you want your audience to see—be sure to drag it back, or you’ll think your program you are launching doesn’t work if your projector is off and you can’t see it is open where you dragged it—on your projector image.)