2 Tools to Share - Canva and Classroom Video On Demand

Posted by Joani Kay on 5/25/2023



You and your students can create and design graphics, posters, documents, brochures, covers, certificates, charts, graphs, flyers, infographics, presentations, visual organizers and more. Upload your own graphics or have access to millions of images, filters, icons, shapes, and fonts. The product is available on the web and has apps for iPhones and Chromebooks.





Brand new library resource, Classroom Video on Demand. This service gives you access to thousands of curriculum related videos to use with your classes. Our librarians have emailed the educator’s guide and quick fact sheet if you would like more information. http://cvod.infobase.com/p_Home.aspx


  • On campus, just go to the library landing page, scroll down to the bottom and click the Classroom Video On Demand logo to access the website – no password needed
  • It is extremely easy to put these video links into your Canvas pages and there is no worry about copyright violations.  All these videos are legally acquired and meant for use in the educational setting. 
  • All videos are segmented, so you can easily use smaller portions of the video instead of fast-forwarding or showing the whole thing.
  • These videos are from producers like A&E, TED, National Geographic and other quality programmers whose content is not legally available for free use on the web.  See the fact sheet for a more comprehensive list of producers. 
  • Stop by to see Annalisa and Sonya if you have any questions.  We think you’ll love it!