Hapara Focused Browsing

Posted by Joani Kay on 5/29/2023


Hapara Focused Browsing is a great feature to guide and focus students to the correct website, quiz sites, and more.

Open Tabs is a fantastic feature for sharing URLs to learners within your class. You can also choose to focus your students to the newly opened browser tabs for a set period of time using the Focused Browsing feature. 

When a Focused Browsing session is active, learners can’t open new tabs, swap to other tabs or browse to new sites or URLs.

Important NOTES from our testing:

  • Open Hapara from the icon in your ClassLink. Open the class you plan to focus browsing. 
    • If students are using school Chromebooks - they should show up in your Hapara automatically.
    • If they are using personal devices, which we do not recommend, have them access Google.com and login with their school email. Then you should see them in Hapara. 
  • We do not recommend using the preset timing tool because servers are not always in sync. Only launch Focus Browsing after students are in class.
  • Student will receive a message that a focused browing session is about to begin.
  • Teacher may setup the session so any tabs students had open previoys to session re-open - or they do not re-open.

Link to additional information with option screens from HAPARAhttps://tinyurl.com/ybjrc9pg

Quick Video to get you started....