Eduvision and Schoology

Posted by Joani Kay on 5/29/2023

MBS teachers will now have their own video channel. Our first step is to create your channel. Let's get started.

In order to create your own Channel, we must link to the two products.

  • Access Schoology and open one of the courses that you are a teacher in.  
  • Using the left navigation bar, scroll and click Eduvision.
  • In the middle of the screen your account should link. SUCCESS
  • If you did not link, you will see a bar.
    • Click the drop down arrow of the bar and select mbhs
    • Then click the Proceed button.
    • Now you should see Eduvision in the middle.

Time to Close Schoology. This part is now complete for all of your courses. This was Step 1. More to follow 


Video of How To Instructions

Eduvsion and ClassLink