Dear Parents of ...

Posted by PAUL HNIZDIL on 2/27/2020



Combat in the WPG is an option for the players.  In fact, the game starts with the world on the brink of conflict. Players can engage in combat, the facilitators don't interfere nor do we necessarily say no to nations wanting to engage in combat. We merely ask the three basic questions:  Can you afford it?  Can you live with the consequences?  Does it make sense?  Additionally, we may ask follow up questions to flush out their reasoning.  Final question is do they plan to kill of capture. Of course, the answer will bring its own potential consequences.


One of John’s  requirements for combat is that the leadership of the nation engaging in combat write a letter to the parents of the fallen soldiers explaining the sacrifice. This is essential for it helps students understand the seriousness of war and that lives will be lost.  Moms will grieve and often wonder if the national sacrifice was worth their sons' lives.