Taking Our Talents to Miami, Again

Posted by PAUL HNIZDIL on 3/2/2020

I'm back in Miami for some more training in the WPG. This time I brought with me Matt Howard and Helena Strickland.  These two are getting a full dose of all that isthe WPG.  No more hearing me talk about it.  No more watching a few sessions in my classroom or the library.  It is about to get real for them.  What will they take away from the week in Miami? 




During the debrief and Meta-PLC after the morning session, John reminded us of the following cardinal rule for the facilitator: Do not interfere.  Do not solve the problems.  Trust the process of the WPG. Trust that the WPG is self-regulating and self-correcting. Trust that the students will figure it out.  


In what ways can we take this understanding and rule to other classroom activities outside the WPG?  Consider the implications for student learning if we did.