Posted by PAUL HNIZDIL on 3/3/2020

After observing the morning's game play, the facilitators move to the meta-PLC phase of the training, as John calls it.  Today's activity was a discussion of our  self-identified strengths and fears.  Interestingly, the strengths listed were in the categories of relationship and values relationships, such as compassionate, empathetic, curious, community-building and the like.  


What stood out to me more was our listed fears: disappointment, not doing our best, not good enough, getting it wrong, lack of respect, running out of time, apathy, not knowing the answers, not making a difference.  


Here is what hit me with the list of fears.  If we asked our students to list their fears in the classroom, I think they would have the same list.  


If this is so, what is the implication of this understanding as a teacher in today's classroom?