Empty Space

Posted by PAUL HNIZDIL on 3/4/2020

The World Peace Game creates an empty space.  I heard this statement before over the last year when John and others were talking about what the WPG creates.   Not wanting to be exposed, I dutifully nodded my head in agreement or gave some verbal affirmation to let others know that I was in the loop.  One of the select, one of the washed as if I was at a Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.  Truth be told, I did not really get it.  How can something so complex be an empty space?  It´s not empty at all.  Giving into my own fears of being exposed as not understanding or worse as a fraud, I stayed quiet.  


This week I finally saw the light.  I now have an understanding of what is meant when John says empty space.  The empty space is merely creating an opportunity for students to discover their own solutions to simple or complex problems.  The empty space is not to be filled with only the right answers.  In fact, the empty space just wants solutions.  It does not judge right or wrong, good or bad, effective or ineffective solutions.  


The WPG, although complex and full in so many ways, is an empty space ready for the players to fill with their solutions, their consequences, leading to more opportunities for more solutions to the next set of problems.  The empty space is never filled.  


The WPG is but one door to this realm of authentic learning.  In what ways can we create other empty space opportunities with our curriculum?