How About One More

Posted by PAUL HNIZDIL on 5/2/2022

During our team's debrief following the last game, Helena Stickland wondered if it was possible to run one of her classes through the game before this school year ended.  Her reasoning really got us thinking.  What if?  Why not? How so?  What are the implications?  

What does one do with a new problem to solve?  World Peace Game it of course.   Just ask the questions.  


1.  Can we afford it?  

2.  Can we accept the consequences?

3.  Does it make sense? 


In short, we can do it with a little bit of logistical wrangling and a whole lot of preparation for Helena.  Into the WPG breach goes Helena's 2nd Period 8th Grade World History class. 


Mrs. Strickland at the helm.


We are excited about this round because Helena is the lead facilitator.  (Remember she was part of the second cadre to get trained.) Moreover, this game is another test in our experiment. 


What will happen?  We will see.  We will see.