Planning Meeting

Posted by HANNAH KENNEDY on 3/1/2019 1:00:00 PM

As we begin our path, we would first like to thank Mountain Brook Foundation and the grant team for the support and financial commitment to power our dream. Through the support of our administration, fellow colleagues, and the grant team we can provide a Whole Brain experience for every child at Cherokee Bend Elementary School. 


Together, our team has the privilege of serving students across all grade levels and exceptionalities. At Cherokee Bend, we are so grateful to serve our students through an inclusive model within the general education classroom. We are thrilled to begin this journey through partnership with all students, faculty, and staff at CBS!  


Our Team: 

Kelsey Church, Hannah Kennedy, Sara Katherine Janecky, Sarah Jackson, Lizzie Vansant, Amy Dern  



Create a multi-sensory environment that is designed to help children use their bodies and environment to calm and organize themselves. The multi-sensory rooms and path will work to improve students’ mental health and confidence to give them more independence in their social, behavioral, and academic abilities.  


How do we process information from the world around us?  


What does the research say about the whole brain experience?  

  • “The idea for a controlled sensory environment for use in therapy goes back to the 1970s, when it was developed in the Netherlands. As a therapeutic tool, it emphasizes client control over their own conditions by allowing them to adjust the various light, sound and visual sources in a safe, comfortable space. As it prioritizes non-verbal interaction, it can be very good for people profoundly effective for children with sensory deficits. This environment enables stronger engagement as it is not just visually appealing, but allows one to feel in control, cared for, safe, and focused.”
  • "Studies have found that a sensory room can reduce self-harm by 40%, if used correctly," says Iris' co-founder and executive director Ayman Arandi 
  • "So it can help a lot in aiding the healing process."  
  • “If we want today’s children to be prepared for the new world of work, we need to stop using Industrial Age teaching strategies and structures. Instead of cranking out the next batch of compliant workers, we need to help spark the next generation of doers, thinkers, and leaders!” – Mike Anderson  
  • “Today’s offices demand a variety of workspaces that inspire and engage people. Il Prisma’s research shows that engaging one or more of the senses can improve concentration and learning. However, when designing for the senses, it’s also important to factor in the type of work being done in a space so that productivity and the sensory environment aren’t fighting each another. Anything from adding a few plants to designing an entire office around the senses works to improve employee wellbeing.” 

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