Survey Results

Posted by SARAH JACKSON on 9/15/2019 2:30:00 PM

Our Institute for Innovation team has been busy since our last blog update! School has been in session now for several weeks and we have enjoyed getting to be back with our students. 

As a part of our back to school professional development in August, we had the opportunity to share a little more about our sensory rooms with our faculty and staff through two, one-hour workshops. Teachers were given the option to sign-up for these workshops where they were given time to explore the rooms, the equipment in them, ask questions and give any immedaite feedback. From this, our I for I team also developed a survey for the entire faculty and staff to participate in so we could receive a wider range of feedback. We were fortunate enough to hear from at least one person on every team, including grade-level teachers, support staff and specials teachers. Other data results are below: 

1. Based on our school beliefs, which of these do you expect to accomplish utilizing the multisensory rooms?

  • 59% - An emotionally and physically safe environment encourages risk-taking, critical thinking, and collaboration
  • 29% - Student-centered conversations and student involved decision making enhance learning and support diverse learning styles.
  • 12% - Effective communication builds trust, cultivates positive relationships, and promotes mutual respect.    


2. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your level of knowledge when it comes to our sensory rooms at CBS?

  • 50% - 3 (some knowledge)
  • 21% - 2 (limited knowledge)
  • 21% - 4 (knowledgeable)
  • 8% - 5 (very knowledgeable)
  • 0% - 1 (no knowledge)


3. On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to use our sensory rooms?

  • 46% - 4, somewhat likely
  • 38% - 5, very likely
  • 8% - 2 
  • 8% - 3
  • 0% - I will not use these rooms


4. What are you most excited about when it comes to the addition of these rooms?
             Comments included: safe environment, an outlet, available to ALL students

5. What barriers do you anticipate when it comes to these rooms being utilized by ALL students at CBS? 
​             Comments included: scheduling, staff resistance, access options for older students, logistics, having structure and order

6. What supports do you feel you will need going forward?
             Comments included: ways to sign up, ideas on how to use the rooms, understanding, clear expectations, coverage for students who may need to use the rooms 1:1


Our team is meeting again this week to dive deeper into the survey data and discuss next steps! We are excited about moving forward!