March 2, 2020

Posted by HEATHER PHILLIPS on 3/2/2020

So far, we've been able to order a few items for our Collaboratory. We decided to order the technology pieces first, so we can start working with them and getting to know the software. One of the more exciting events that has happened is we had a representative from ClearTouch Interactive come and show us the different abilites of their new interactive table, which would be used in the Exchange Zone of the Collaboratory. One class was able to test it out, and it was a huge hit. A few take-aways from that session: 1. You can fit as many as fourteen 3rd graders around the table, 2. It can be used in four different quadrants, thus extending the choices and experiences for students and teachers in the classroom, and 3. It has many different built in apps that could be easily updated and sustained over the years.

table 1 table 2