What are the benefits of screencasting?

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A screencast is a short video recording of your computer screen and usually includes voice narration. It can be an engaging way for teachers and students to communicate content, directions, and ideas asynchronously. Students and parents can replay and pause the video to best understand and retain the information. Videos are easy to share or distribute in Canvas, Google Classroom, via email, or other online presence.

I recommend trying Screencastify on a PC or Chromebook, but there are other apps useful on an iPad if that is your device preference.

Want a quick way to start? Install the Chrome extension for Screencastify, open a Slide or Doc on your touchscreen Chromebook, and create a brief outline of what you will say or show. If you get stuck, click the PAUSE button to stop the recording. Use a stylus or your finger to work out a math problem on the blank slide. Or explain a topic or graph on the page to help students understand. Short video means 3-5 minutes, so record video in portions if needed.