How can a quickly design an eLesson for my class?

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Start by thinking about what you want students to do to show evidence of their learning (begin with the end in mind), then consider the content you need to deliver, resources you want to share, and potential ways you might interact with students. Gather your files, slides, links, PDFs, etc that will be shared with students and then type or record (screencast) the instructions so students will know what steps to take. It may be easiest to design a whole unit from beginning to end - introduction, instructions, learning objectives, content, activity instructions, assessment, summary - then assign portions of the unit each day or give deadlines for when students should have sections completed.

Plan to include purposeful ways for students to interact with the content since they won't be in class - independent activity or challenge, a small group discussion or project, digital journal entry or blog post, case study, or a short essay.