What are some examples of online activities that I can include in my lesson?

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After students watch a video or screencast of your instruction, give them a way to respond and interact with a virtual discussion/chat, blog post, or digital journaling. Of course a worksheet can be digitally distributed and uploaded to turn in, but consider ways to get students collaborating and discussing the content to increase understanding and engagement. Digital formative assessments don't have to be graded, but they can give useful feedback to students and teachers; try a Google form, an EdPuzzle, Quiz in Canvas, or Nearpod. Challenge students to think critically with a real-world case study and follow up with a live synchronous chat or video conference like a Google Meet. Virtual field trips can enhance learning for students and there are many available for free (see Virtual Tours for Secondary). 

TIP: No matter what activity you assign to students, make sure directions are clear and concise. It helps to have numbered steps and specific details about what the activity is and what students need to do or turn in.