Drama going Digital

Drama going Digital 

by LILLY LEJEUNE Co-Editor in Chief 

In the age of Coronavirus, MBHS Theatre is discovering new ways to creatively engage audiences online.

In March, the Theatre Program suffered the devastating cancellation of the Spring Musical, Chicago. With the rise of COVID-19, students were sent home, and seniors lost their final show. Though the Theatre Department has not performed on stage since Dec. 7, 2019, the department continues to thrive. 

“It has been really tough. But we have accepted the challenge,” Theatre Director, Jesse Tilton, said. 

With struggle comes new creativity. This year, Theatre students are transferring their acting skills and creative energies to recorded performances. Each student is writing, recording and publishing a spooky podcast for the Halloween season. These “Nefarious Narrations” are helping students explore their creativity from a safe distance.

Students are also engaging in video TableTop Theater. They are creating their own characters and practicing improvisation through tabletop RPGs like DnD. By mid-November, Tilton hopes to release the videos.

To release digital content, the Theatre Department is developing a website. From there, students can view Theatre students’ projects. From films to comedic commercials to podcasts, students can publish and perform their work in the new, socially-distanced digital age.

One 3-year Theatre student, Anna Kate Yeager, spent the summer writing an original play. Because she can’t perform it in person, Yeager and her fellow students are producing it as a film. Double Vision is set to release in early 2021.

Creating the film has had its own unique challenges. “We held a table-reading over the summer in the park where everyone could social distance,” director and author Yeager said.

Tilton is optimistic for the future. “We are hoping to do outside performances of Twelfth Night in March/April depending on the COVID-19 restrictions,” Tilton said. Though life is still far from normal, Tilton and his students are discovering new ways to express themselves away from the stage.