First week back at full capacity


Staff Writer

hallway With the hard work of the administration, the high school completes its first week at full capacity with mixed feelings from students.  

As the high school opens the doors for all students to return again, the administration makes it clear that all previous safety protocols will remain in place.

Nothing will change in terms of masking and distancing. This is extremely important as we continue to do everything we can to mitigate the spread of COVID,” said Principal Philip Holley. 

Along with the protocols implemented by administration at the beginning of the year, the school is putting in place new policies to protect students’ and teachers' health. One of these new policies include the staggered dismissal schedule. 

Holley states, “In order to help with congestion in the hallways during class changes we will begin staggering class changes with one group of students leaving a few minutes before the next.”

This involves dismissing the green group, last names A-K, two minutes before the normal bell with gold groups’, last names L-Z, dismissal following two minutes later.

The school has also contemplated ways to assist teachers, students, and janitorial staff in the midst of the pandemic. As staff and students adjust to another change, a day for cleaning, grading, homework, and tutoring has been designated for Wednesdays.

Wednesdays have been divided into two parts: the morning has been set aside for teachers and janitorial staff to work and clean the school. The later half of Wednesday has been allotted for students to seek help from teachers, catch up on work or make up quizzes and tests. 

“The student support time may involve teachers having virtual meetings with students or it may involve students coming up to the school to work with teachers,” Holley said. 

Other problems have occurred though, when students and teachers returned to school on Monday morning, the internet experienced problems and the system had to reboot. The problem was resolved quickly by Mrs. Joani Kay, MBHS’s Technology Coordinator. 

Along with the slight internet problem, the return to full capacity has received mixed reviews from the student body.

“It's good to see friends but at the end of the day I was disappointed to see [the hybrid schedule] go,” a junior said.

“I feel happy that the school has reopened at full capacity and that it is a step in the right direction,” junior Franklin Day added.

Principal Holley believes the students will adjust well to the new schedule and will continue to follow all policies and protocols implemented by the school. 

“They have done a great job the first 9 weeks with the protocols we currently have in place. I know that our students will continue to follow those protocols and procedures as we move forward,” Principal Holley said.