COVID-19 limits fan attendance affecting the atmosphere of the Friday Night Lights

Staff Writer

Empty Field

The atmosphere around Mountain Brook football games takes a hit due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

As Covid-19 infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives, high school sports are also learning to deal with these effects.The Mountain Brook Spartans are 7-1 overall and 4-0 in the region, but this has not come without different kind of losses. The fan’s involvement in the game has faced a decline due to Covid-19. Sport's fans have always played a role in making a game energetic and fun.   

The new atmosphere has had an impact on the team and the players, Senior outside linebacker Win Horn said, “Playing the game is the same, but the environment is a lot less fun.”

The enthusiasm is where the team is noticing the biggest difference, Junior safety Jones Beavers said, “There is less hype from the crowd than a normal capacity game.” 

The cheerleader’s try to keep up the enthusiasm of the crowd, but it is more difficult. Senior cheerleader Margaret Curry said, “You have to scream and cheer to keep the crowd into it . . . sometimes we have to give them megaphones.” 

The difficulty to hype a half-filled student section during the game is clear and the atmosphere is changed. Coach Yeager said, “I think the players want the fans there, but once you get in the game, I don't think you notice it too much.” 

While the atmosphere of playing under the friday night lights has decreased, the team and the player’s are keeping their focus on the season's goals.