A Homecoming like no other


Assistant Editor

@mtnbrookhs Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, the world has had to adjust to constant changes and challenges to our collective normal. Mountain Brook High School’s 2020 Homecoming is no exception. Despite the difficulties navigating safety precautions, the school and the community have worked diligently to ensure Homecoming has a semblance of normalcy. 

After the cancellation of the annual Homecoming dance, students were looking to somehow preserve this traditional high school experience. In response, parents began planning non-school-affiliated gatherings for each grade to fill the void and offer an alternative. . 

The senior class held a dance at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens Wednesday night. Students supported the dance and showed up in order to create the expected high school memories. Senior, Falcon Wiles said, “I’m excited that even though the school isn’t able to put on a dance for us that parents were able to make the homecoming feel somewhat normal.” 

Similarly, some students from the sophomore class gathered at the Birmingham Country Club for a dinner so that they could be with their peers on such an important night. Despite student’s sadness considering the fault of their first homecoming dance, they were grateful for the recovery of their night through the dinner. “I’m sad that there isn’t a dance since it's my first year, but I am glad that we at least get to do something at the BCC,” said sophomore Sophie Claire Dixon. 

The school still hosted a powderpuff football game along with a new drive through parade in order to make things feel less unusual. Additionally, they will be hosting another homecoming event during the spring in replacement of the cancelled one in the fall.

Though the event looked different than ever before, students were still able to find joy and were very grateful for what they were able to do in place of the event.