Volleyball Recap: A season's ending

By GRACE VAUGHN, Staff Writer
November 13, 2020

After winning the 7A state championship last year, Mountain Brook Volleyball finished this season by capturing their first 6A state championship. 

The girls started the season with 5 consecutive wins before their first loss against Hoover.

“Our Biggest struggle was getting to know your opponents (in 6A), so it took us a little while to figure that out,” Coach Nichols said. 

The team continued to rack up more wins, but these wins were accompanied by losses, two-twelve to be exact.

“When we went through our rough patch it definitely altered our mindset and we knew we had to step it up if we wanted to win state,” Senior outside hitter Celie Fields said. 

The Spartans also had trouble winning a single tournament this year with 12 losses. 

“We learned from the rough time in our season and came out with even more determination than ever. As hard as it was, I think it helped us in a way,” Megan Lee said. 

Despite not winning any tournaments, the team advanced to the Elite 8. They faced John Carroll and beat them in 3 straight sets, putting Mountain Brook volleyball in the final 4. 

“The Elite 8 is always nerve racking but once we started getting in the groove of things it was so fun,” Celie Fields said.  

They fought through a five-set match against the number one ranked team, Hazel Green, in the final four, coming back from large point deficits. The key comeback came when the Spartans won a set 26-24 after being down 10-22. 

“The Hazel Green match was easily one of the most memorable moments of the season for me, our team went into the match with the mentality that we were going to win no matter what it took,” Senior outside hitter Lilly Gilbert said. 

After winning the Final 4, they competed in the state championship against Hartselle. They played hard all season and earned their first 6A dominating the match in three straight sets 

“Generally, to be as successful as we've been you have to love volleyball, they've been all in, they love volleyball, they work hard, and it takes a lot of skill,” Coach Nichols said.