Boys’ Basketball: The season doesn’t stop for the holidays

Boys’ Basketball: The season doesn’t stop for the holidays

By DYLAN SIEGEL, Staff Writer 


Like every season, the Spartans’ basketball team continued their season during the holiday season. Since the last check-in with the basketball team, (after a Shades Valley loss on December 8th) the Spartans have amounted to a 17-6 overall record.

After defeating McGill-Toolen by 12, the Spartans dropped a game to Hartselle. In the following game, the Spartans upped their level of play, defeating Leeds 83-33.

Coming off of such a large victory, the Spartans lost on the road against Northridge. Then, the team did not play another game until the Big Orange Classic ten days later.

8 teams, including Hoover, Pleasant Grove, Ramsay, Clark County, Lausanne Collegiate School, Central Tuscaloosa, and Minor,  participated in the Big Orange Classic, held from December 28th to 30th. The schedule had to be adjusted due to covid. Tuscaloosa Northridge was not able to make the tournament due to covid issues, so Ramsay and Minor helped by playing in their place. In the first round, the Spartans defeated Pleasant Grove, 51-44. Following this game, the Spartans posted a higher scoring output, defeating Lausanne Collegiate 70-58. However, in the championship game, the Spartans finally fell to Hoover 66-49.

However, the Spartans avenged their earlier losses to Northridge and Hoover by defeating Northridge by 30 and Hoover by 11.

Last week, the Spartans defeated Briarwood Christain and Chelsea by more than 20 points each.

Contributing to their winning streak of 5, Mountain Brook narrowly defeated Homewood 40-39 this week. On Friday, the Spartans will go on the road to face a 5-9 Briarwood Christain team.

This season has been unlike any other the Spartans have had to deal with, and the program underwent many changes.

Our team is improving daily and are rounding up to play it’s best basketball of the year in the upcoming weeks,” Coach Davis said.

Coach Davis and the players seem to be on the same page about the status of the team.

“It [the season] has had its ups and downs, but I think we are finding our own as a team and have the potential to do great things,” junior guard Parks McLain said.