Rhonda Aust wins Mountain Brook High School Teacher of the Year

Rhonda Aust wins Mountain Brook High School Teacher of the Year

by JACK ESTES, Staff Writer


After 22 years of teaching in the Birmingham Area, Mrs. Aust, Advanced Chemistry teacher, wins one of MBHS’ most esteemed awards. 

Mrs. Rhonda Aust has been an outstanding teacher in the science department for many years,  and recently her hard work and dedication to teaching her students has been recognized. She is very surprised to have won the award.

“I know what amazing teachers teach here, and I teach next door to many of them, and I am very humbled that they chose me.”

Ever since Aust started teaching at Mountain Brook, in her own words, she says she has just been “doing what I do,” which is an understatement it seems. As Principal Holley added, “She pours her heart and soul into what she does everyday”. She has a foundational goal for every year. 

“I want my students to learn the material in depth and be able to move on to AP classes such as AP Chem.”

Previous students have loved Mrs. Aust’s teaching style and have learned a lot from the class. 

“If this was a Yelp review I would give it 6 stars,” junior, Cory Fan said. He took Adv. Chemistry as a sophomore and has moved to AP Chemistry. Would not have been able to do so without the help of Mrs. Aust.

“Mrs. Aust’s class was a life changing experience for the better and the atmosphere that Mrs. Aust created was very welcoming and a great learning environment for me,” said Jelks Cabaniss. 

Aust’s  fellow peers  love teaching with her. Mr. Rosenstiel, who has worked with her for nearly 15 years, is no exception.

“I will say that the Teacher of the Year committee knew what they were doing in picking one of the most outstanding teachers I have ever met,” said AP Chemistry teacher Mr. Rosenstiel. 

Her excellent teaching has been on display throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and her adaptation to it. 

“I have made videos for every single lesson that I teach… we have also gone to a virtual lab format.”

Aust believes the videos have been crucial in helping both students who come to school and students who are all virtual. 

Throughout normal years and the curveballs of 2020, Mrs. Aust has thoroughly enjoyed her time teaching in Mountain Brook because of the atmosphere and the encouragement.

“In one word, I guess you could say the charm [of MBHS] is the people, whether that be the students or the teachers.”

Overall, Mrs. Aust is a well-loved teacher who is respected by everyone from her students to her peers. As Principal Holley has said, “She is a phenomenal teacher...I have seen that not only as a principal but as a parent as well.”