Netflix TV Show Reviews

Netflix TV Show Reviews


For this review, I watched the first episode of each TV show. All shows are rated TV-14 or lower. The ratings show how likely I am to watch the next episode or rest of the series.

Star Trek: 4/10

The original show? To be frank, there are so many versions that I don’t know, but I can tell you the quality is definitely 60 years old. I’m personally a casual fan of Star Trek, but I’ve never watched the original. As with all Star Trek, the main crew discover some scientific anomaly, humans stranded on an unknown planet, or fight an enemy alien race. All main crew members inevitably return home safe, ready to go for the next episode. Star Trek can be incredibly formulaic but also creative. While maintaining the same combination of characters and same basic themes, the writers still manage to twist the story into something new. However, if you want to watch Star Trek, I recommend the newer series. The older they get, the stranger they get. This particular episode featured some strange sexual themes while never actually showing anything sexual (because it was the 60s). It included just a sprinkling of blatant misogyny. If the rest of the episodes are anything like this one, I would skip this series in favor of more modern Star Trek equivalents.

LA’s Finest: 6/10

A remake of “Bad Boys”, this show features the same two main characters as any police show replaced with women. Each case, per episode, promises the stereotypical police drama any other show could provide. This show is action-packed but lacks character development. I watched for an hour, and I still don’t know any characters’ names. It does promise an intriguing long term plot, but I don’t care enough about the characters to keep watching. With no concrete villain, the characters lack believable motivation for their actions. Considering the large selection of police dramas available, I would recommend watching another one.

Cobra Kai: 6/10

Cobra Kai is a remake of the “Karate Kid” series following the loser from Daniel LaRusso’s famous fight. Johnny lives in the shadow of his rival and still carries the reputation of a loser. He has a serious drinking problem and anger issues, but he decides to redeem himself by opening a dojo to teach local kids karate. The first episode introduced all the characters with a string of disasters for Johnny, the main character. If you like a redemption arc and enjoy nostalgia, I recommend this show for you, but it is targeted to an incredibly niche audience. The show does a good job of using flashbacks to set the scene, but watching the original movie improves the experience. I imagine watching all the movies in the series would be even better. Without the backing of a great movie like “Karate Kid”, the show is average at best. 

Away: 6/10

As Emma prepares to lead the first space mission to Mars, she endures the struggles of space travel and her family at home. After a malfunction on their initial trip to the moon, Emma’s crew and Emma herself begin to doubt her leadership. Her husband and daughter remain on Earth in desperate need of support from Emma. Away represents the difficulties of a character divided between work and home only in a much grander scale. If the first episode is any indication, Away will explore physical and mental struggles equally. Considering the entire basis of the show, the first episode is small in scope. I have hope for a wider plot in future episodes, but the writing can be a bit cheap at times. Fair warning, Netflix is always overeager to include an unnecessary sex scene. Personally, I’ll pass, but objectively, it's not half bad. 

Lucifer 8/10

When the Devil is away, humans will play. When Lucifer Morningstar takes a break from Hell, he discovers the joys of human life, but after a friend is brutally murdered, he has to find and punish the culprit before they get off scot free in Hell. Lucifer is everything you would expect of the Devil—crass, nonchalant, and charming. His ability to discover humans’ deepest desires provides endless fodder for jokes, and Lucifer achieves a perfect dichotomy of comedy and sin. If you enjoy clever banter and witty remarks, this show is for you. Without a doubt, I would recommend this show to anyone who has a dark sense of humor. 

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