The Boys Soccer Team Begins their Season

The Boys Soccer Team Begins their Season

by JACK ESTES, Staff Writer

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The soccer team started area playing this week, and they are expected to do well this season in their competitive 6a area.  

Playing in the most competitive 6A section in the state with all 4 teams in the area ranked is challenging, but Coach Webb believes that the MBHS soccer team will excel this season.

Webb says that the competition in 6A is different. He is looking forward to playing teams that players  haven't played before and the different competitiveness they will encounter. 

“7a is a lot like English soccer. It is constant, it is physical, it is fast. 6a is more like Latin soccer. It has ebbs and flows and there is a lot of individual talent.”

Webb believes that they stand a good chance against these teams, but it is important that they work together. In their recent game against Minor High School, he believes they played well but it is important that they improve team work. After their first area game against Chelsea, ranked 6th at the time, Webb was proven right when the team won 8-1.

With only 4 seniors this year, the team is young and ready to get to play together in the new 6a division. 

“It is a very, very young team, they are talented, they have a lot of experience playing soccer but not necessarily together… it’s different than this [varsity soccer].”

Some notable standouts this year include juniors Andrew Thomason and Joseph Armstrong who play for both the school and for club teams outside of school; along with team captain senior Patrick Neil, who hopes to play college soccer, is looking forward to the fresh competition this year and confident about their team this year.

“The best we have looked the past 3 years definitely win the state I think. . . we are pretty small but we’ve got a lot of talent compared to past years”

Per usual, the soccer team will be having food trucks come out during various home games, but due to COVID-19, crowd sizes are expected to be much smaller this season. Webb believes that as with other sports this could mean a temporary end to the home field advantage “In the past we might have had a very loud student section in the past not so much right now, hopefully we will get away from that eventually.”