Student Life events 2020-2021

Student Life events 2020-2021


Mountain Brook High School has long enjoyed the annual student life events such as homecoming, senior and sophomore ball, and prom. However, among the unexpected circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these beloved traditions have been altered.

Two important events which were drastically altered this year are the senior Moonlight Ball and the junior Candlelight Ball. The Senior Moonlight Ball was supposed to take place this January, but among social distancing guidelines, the event could not take place. It was rescheduled to Saturday, March 6 at Regions Field. The event took place outside, and the senior girls were escorted across the dugout, rather than the traditional runway. 

The senior class liked this change but hope it goes back to normal for later years. Senior Madeline Baltz said, “I really enjoyed it; it was a good time, but I hope that this doesn't change the tradition.” Hopefully, by next year, the senior ball will return to normal.

Junior Candlelight Ball was supposed to take place last April. After months of planning and preparation, March 13 came and swept students off their feet as the ball was postponed to August of 2020. Come August, the event was rescheduled once again, and talk of alternate plans, such as a parent escort, was made popular. 

However, the Candlelight Ball committee decided to plan a Candlelight Bash in lieu of the ball. The date was set for March 13, and once again the location was Birmingham’s Regions Field. The junior class participated in more of a homecoming style event for the bash that proved to be not just a rescheduling of the ball, but a whole new event completely. 

Though the juniors were sad to abandon tradition, students enjoyed the bash. Junior Julia Abele said, “I wish we could have the sophomore ball like normal, but I understand why we could not, and the bash was a really great alternative. 

The current sophomore class has experienced a similar issue, as their ball also had to be moved to this coming August. The Mountain Brook community is hopeful that in the future, their beloved events can go back to normal.