Energy Drinks: A Review

Energy Drinks: A Review 

By GRACE VAUGHN, Staff Writer


Game fuel: Game fuel is a Mountain Dew brand energy drink. It is 16 fl. oz. and contains 90mg of caffeine. This drink is very sugary and has a strong taste. It also doesn't affect you unless you have never had caffeine in your entire life. One plus however, is that it does have a variety of flavors which include: Original Dew, Berry Blast, Cherry Burst, and Tropical Strike. Although the drink itself isn't very good, it does have a super cool top. You can reseal the can, making it super easy to preserve and then reopen later so it retains the carbonation. Overall, I would give this drink a three out of five. 


Celsius: Celsius is a healthier energy drink that tastes kind of like a carbonated Capri-Sun (You can also buy Celsius carbonated or noncarbonated). The uncarbonated version tastes like Peace Tea because it is green tea based. It has 200 mg of caffeine, so if you like being jittery all day, this definitely is the drink for you. It has a really nice and balanced flavor, not too strong, and you have many flavor options to choose from. It not only enhances your energy, but it also speeds up your metabolism and is sugar free leading me to score it a solid five out of five.


Red Bull: Red Bull tastes like battery acid but also has a hint of something deadly--arsenic, maybe? It's an acquired taste but  a classic. You can buy Red Bull in three different sizes and numerous flavors. The largest Red Bull, which is 24 fl. oz., contains 205 mg of caffeine.  Not only does Redbull have a terrible taste, but it's also terrible for you due to the enormous quantities of sugar and uber high levels of taurine. Thus, I give it a one out of five.


Reign: No. Absolutely not. This drink was repulsive. The English language does not possess the ability to convey the revolting tang accompanied by this abhorrent liquid.