Dear Sophomores. . .

Dear Sophomores. . .


One day you are walking through the doors, unsure of how the 500 hall’s classrooms are labeled, and the next you are throwing a cap into the air. A lot can happen in a year— in three years: making new friends, going to dances, joining clubs. So, do not live for the weekend, for summer, for graduation. As cheesy as it sounds, view everyday as an opportunity to make memories and connect to others.

A note on day-to-day class: In the words of someone much wiser than I, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” -Ferris Bueler. Now I am not saying you should cut class, because with education you have the opportunity to receive is among the best in the nation. I am telling you to participate in class! Stimulate discussion! I have been in regular, advanced, and AP classes, and I found the most rewarding experiences were not necessarily the most “rigorous” courses available. The classes I will look back and remember for both the learning and experience were the ones in which everyone was willing to contribute whether that means talking 24/7, dropping rare, yet significant, comments, or being the comic relief. Your role in each class may even be different, but variety keeps your days interesting!

A note on your less-than-favorite teachers: You are not going to understand some things you have to do at the time you have to do them. You are not going to understand why a teacher gave you a certain grade or won’t empathize with your extracurricular schedule. So, heed this, you cannot control anything other than yourself. Practically, keep an agenda and cross things off. Whether it is a physical agenda or digital, keeping due dates organized is a rewarding habit that will pay off in high school, higher education, and life. High school is chaotic, especially if you get involved in clubs and extracurriculars, so an agenda is a lifesaver.

A note on insecurities: When someone calls you a name, take it as a complement. When someone makes fun of your outfit, remember you can’t hear the people who are praising it in their head. When someone says you are a try-hard, look them dead in the eye and say thank you. Be confident; embrace your individuality! But. Do not think the world revolves around you. Everyone has mounds of things on their to-do list, so be conscious of the motives behind other people’s actions. Finally, comparison kills. Cliche as it sounds, you are not made to be someone else. 

High school is temporary, so make it count. 



The Senior Staffers