Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Staff Writer, David Pruet 

Circle of Friends week, February 14-17, came and went, but it is important to reflect back on its purpose. With a mission of bringing students together to celebrate all types of friendship, Circle of Friends Week unites old and new friends to cheer on our classmates with disabilities. 

The week began on Monday morning with Seniors Caroline Peterson and Avery Robbins handing out candy with a sticker attached with the encouraging quote of the day: 

“We have done it for years as a way for students to start their day off with a little treat and an encouraging thought,” said Senior Caroline Peterson.

Each day had a different dress-up theme and quote, while the overall theme was based on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Monday was Valentine's Day, where red and hearts were encouraged. Tuesday was funny socks day, at the student’s request, and Wednesday entailed dressing up as Willy Wonka himself. 

Circle of Friends Club member, Margaret Kracke said, “I loved seeing some people dressed up, it really brought joy to my heart.”

On Thursday, students were asked to wear their Circle of Friends t-shirts. Before first period, the students bound for their own special day were led out of the school surrounded by a parade of peers. Leading the pack was the “Pledge to be a good friend” sign that all the MBHS students and teachers had signed throughout the week. This brought the whole celebration full circle, allowing the students to see how appreciated they are.

Parade attendee and junior Lilly Odom said, “The faces of the kids were so sweet and I knew they were all so excited to see everyone cheering them on as they went and competed!”

Student Helpers of Circle of Friends week would like to especially thank the PTO who helped out throughout the week through teacher lunches and other gifts. They even went above and beyond and did facials for any of the teachers who felt they needed a quick break from school and time to relax.