The Modern Knight

The Modern Knight

By: Anderson Horn


The age old question, is Chivalry dead? The modern version of Chivalry is known as being polite and courteous and an overall good person. A Chivalrous person holds the door for others, has good manners and is selfless to everyone they meet. While they also consistently show respect for others by putting their needs before their own. This term is primarily used for how men treat women anywhere and everywhere. While some believe that Chivalry is dead others believe it is alive and well. 

As Junior Jack Earnheart says” Be Chivalrous”

While we all know the meaning of Chivalry today the definition has changed over the years. Sarah K. Douglas says “Chivalry as a concept emerged around the 10th century AD in France when the Christian church began attempting to regulate the violence endemic to Frankish society. The term comes from the French word chevalier, or "knight", who derives his name from cheval, or horse.” When knights were roaming the land they lived by certain rules of Chivalry. Some of these rules included the rule of Humility and Gratitude. The rule of Humility states that you are better than no one else's and no one else is better than you so act that way. The rule of gratitude says to be thankful for everything in life. As Douglas says however, the primary use for this rule is to prevent violence. 

While some people may believe that Chivalry is dead in this day and age others such as Senior Charles Vaugh believe differently. Vaughn states ”I think that chivalry is alive and well today in Mountain brook high school”. A good example of this is Senior Jack Estes who says “I consistently hold the door for my mom when we go place”. This is a great example of today's modern chivalry and how the term has changed over the years. Instead of a Chivalrous knight protecting a lady from a vicious gang modern Chivalrous gentleman hold the door for a lady or help them take their groceries to their car. Modern chivalry is all about doing the right thing at the right time. It is being a gentleman and a kind human being. 

Chivalry is not a necessary part of life but it is important. Junior Maddie Hazelrig says “Being Chivalrous is a good thing but it should not be forced upon people”. However, why would you not stop and help someone that needs it? If someone has dropped their books all over the floor why not help pick them up? Chivalry is not only a choice but a certain behavior for the modern Knight, the modern Gentleman and also a good human being. 

Senior Molly Midkiff says that “I think everyone should be chivalrous instead of being mean to people”. Chivalry in itself shows both respect and care for others through your actions.

So whether you think Chivalry is dead or not, try to be Chivalrous and lend a hand to someone who needs it.