Dress Up Days

Dress up days: Let's get down to dress up


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Every year Mountain Brook High School has dress up days on Varsity Football game days to get students peppy for the games. Each one has a different theme. According to a wide variety of the student body, dress up days are very enjoyable and present an opportunity to express yourself.

According to Senior Cheerleader Mallory Baxley, "All of the senior cheerleaders got together in the summer and selected themes for each week’s game. This year, in order of the games to come, we will do green and gold, rock n roll, Woodstock, USA, salad dressing, hunt or be hunted, jersey day, pink out, and kings and queens.” She went on to say that Homecoming week and play off days are to be determined. While talking with multiple juniors such as Gri Cashio, he said that we should have a dress up day where: “Students should dress up as an Indian or a pilgrim and have the lunch room serve turkey”. Other students such as Christian Glenose said: “We should have a First responder dress up day” for a future dress up day. 

Lots of people are super excited about the dress up days and prepare in advance. “ I am so excited! Dressing up for game day is so fun and always the highlight of my week!  I am decked out head to toe everytime. I look at the themes in advance and go crazy on Amazon Prime,” said Baxley. From Junior Brannen Ashford in regard to dressing up he says:” I have and I will”. He goes on to say that he is most excited about our USA dress up day.

Dress up days are really exciting days and students love to see other people's costumes. Some are so great that you just can’t help but remember them fondly and pick your favorites.

Junior Lawosn Evans states;’’I think that the school should give a reward to the best costume and have it voted on by students.” However even though some students think that dress up days could be better some students will always remember them. Baxley stated, “We have done so many fun dress up days, but my three favorites would have to be USA, pink out, and hunt or be hunted!”. Dress up days are a fun tradition that have been going on for many years and will continue
 2 Junior girls decided on a joint costume for the Rock and Roll dress up day. Cate Lewis (left) has a photo of Dwayne “The R
2 Junior girls decided on a joint costume for the Rock and Roll dress up day. Cate Lewis (left) has a photo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on her shirt while KG Halsey (right) has a bag of Hawiian rolls on her shirt, thus creating Rock and Roll