John Colvin takes over the MBHS Offense.


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John Colvin has taken charge of the MBHS offense following Mountain Brooks win vs Vestavia on Friday, August 20, 2021

It’s a new era in Mountain Brook after John Colvin, a multi-sport athlete, has taken over the reins of the MBHS offense as the football team’s new quarterback. The starting job was previously held by three-year starter Strother Gibbs, but since Gibbs' graduation, it's been Colvin’s time to shine. On Aug. 20, Colvin started in the home opener vs Vestavia, throwing 11-17 for 172 yards and three touchdowns. 

But Colvin's success isn’t solely shown on Friday nights. The practice field is where Colvin does the majority of his preparation for game day. When asked about his preparation, Colvin said, 

“I get prepared for the game throughout practice during the week and watching film on the team we play.” 

The preparation didn’t just start this week but began this summer when he found out the job is his to lose.

“This summer I worked on knowing everything I needed to know about the offense and making the right decisions,” he said Colvin’s teammates and coaches also praise his ability. Starting Center, Nelson Crawford, stated, “John throws a really good ball. Once he settled into the game, he played great and made plays that greatly influenced the game. He’s also got a great mind for the game and he read Vestavia's defense well.” 

“Within what he’s supposed to do, he did really well,” said Head Coach Chris Yeager.

John’s performance has carried on past the Vestavia game as Mountain Brook beat Huntsville 38-7. Colvin threw for three touchdown passes, including an 86 yard strike to Jackson Beatty along with a 54 yarder to Beatty as well. Crawford stated, 

“pressure or not, Johns is going to put points on the board along with the rest of the offense. Even though the atmosphere of the game was crazy, John still balled out.”

While Colvin contributes as a player, a part of being a quarterback is being a leader and Colvin has embraced this new role. Coach Yeager stated, 

“In order to be any type of leader, people have to respect you and know that you can do your job and make your contribution to the team. People respect John and respect his contributions to the team.”

Colvin and the team hope to carry their  streak throughout the next several games as they get ready for the homecoming game against defending state champions Thompson High School. 

Even with these strong performances, Colvin is still looking to improve as he said, “I thought I played well last Friday but I could have played better, I am still looking to get balls out faster and improve 1% every day.” 

Coach Yeager stated, “John is still in the process of finding out what his role is going to be . . . there are some things that are unique to certain players and other things that are universal and you have to learn those things.”

As the season goes along, Colvin hopes “to maximize our team's potential to the fullest.” With this team that includes making the playoffs and a potential State Championship run. Coach Yeager says, “I think John's strength is that he’s a really good decision-maker and he reminds me a lot of Nick Mullens who plays for the Cleveland Browns.”

Colvin and the Offensive Line take the Stage against Vestavia